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1If I want to travel to several Schengen countries, which Embassy do I have to approach?
You must apply at the Embassy of the country which is your main travel destination. The main travel destination is usually the country where you will spend most of your time.
main travel destinationwhere to apply
Italy, MaltaItalian Embassy
France, Portugal, AustriaFrench Embassy
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Slovenia and IcelandGerman Embassy
SwitzerlandSwiss Embassy in Kuwait
DenmarkDanish Embassy in Riyadh
Czeck Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakiaplease contact their respective Embassies in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE
2How do I complete my visa application?
3How may I find out if I require a visa for Italy?
Please check the website of the Embassy of Italy in the Kingdom of Bahrain
4 What time do I have to attend for the visa appointment?
On time as per your booking, if you miss your appointment time you have to rebook for a new appointment.
5If I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment how should I proceed?
Please call our office and we will be able to change or cancel your appointment.
6 When should I apply for my Schengen visa?
You should apply a minimum of 2 weeks in advance for your visa before your travel date. It is possible to apply 3 months in advance of your intended date of departure.
7How long will my application take?
This will vary depending on your Nationality and other criteria. Please allow up to 30 days for your application to be processed.
8How do I pay the Visa fees?
Only in Bahraini dinars, no credit cards, ATM cards or foreign currencies are accepted.
9Do I need to apply in person?
The Embassy, following Schengen rules, requests personal appearance of any applicant. Furthermore, applicants aged 12 and above will need to provide a 10-digit finger scan (new procedures in effect since 2nd October 2012).
10Does using your service guarantee that I will be granted a visa?
No. It is entirely at the discretion of the Embassy of Italy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
11If I am called for an Interview, where will I need to go?

The interview will be held at the Embassy of Italy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
12If my application is rejected, where do I collect my passport?
At the Visa Application center, unless notified otherwise.
13If my application is rejected, will my fees be refunded?
No. Once your application is complete, there will be no refunds.
14Why was my application rejected?
When you come to pick up your passport you will receive a letter from the Embassy stating the reason or reasons your application was not successful.
15What will be the price of services in international MVA?
MVA International collects Schengen visa fee from each applicant based on their age. view Details ,Please Click Here...
16Do I need a flight reservation?
Yes, a flight reservation must be submitted. In some cases the Visa Office reserves the right to require tickets issued and duly stamped directly from the Airline companies. In case of travelling between several countries you will also need confirmed tickets, either by plane, train or a car rental contract.
17Do I need to photocopy documents presented with the Schengen visa application form?
Yes, each application form must be complete of all documents (original + photocopies) listed on the Schengen visa requirements. In case of a travel groups or members of the same family, each applicant must submit complete documents required (ex. flight reservations issued on a single paper for four travellers must be photocopied and included in each application form, etc…).
18Can I submit an uncompleted application form?
No, all application forms must contain all necessary documents. In case of any missing/incorrect documents the application form will be rejected and the applicant must rebook a new appointment.
19Once I get my visa, am I guaranteed entry into the Schengen area?
The visa does not guarantee entry into the Schengen area. The requirements for entering are checked again at your point of entry by immigration officials. Travellers are therefore advised to carry copies of documents (hotel bookings, invitation, insurance, etc…) submitted with the visa application and provide them to Immigration officials upon request.
20Can I use my Schengen visa issued by the Italian Embassy to make trips to other Schengen states?
Yes, in general you can as long as you do not change your main travel destination. According to the present regulation a Schengen visa is - unless stated otherwise - valid for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
21My visa will expire during my stay in Italy, what do I have to do?
If your visa will expire during the time you plan your trip, you will need to apply for a new visa before you travel as a visa can in general not be extended after entering the Schengen states. However, in case of emergencies (medical treatment, hospital stays, etc…) you have to contact the respective competent authorities (Questura) to extend your visa before it expires. It is important not to overstay your visa and have it extended before it expires by the competent authorities (Questura) to avoid fines and possibly expulsion and denial of entry/visa in the future.
22My passport will expire soon, can I still apply for a visa?
Current passport having a minimum of 6 month validity prior to expiry date.
23 I need my passport for traveling to a non-Schengen country immediately after applying for the Schengen visa. How long does the Embassy need to keep my passport?
The original passport needs to be presented at the time of the application. In case you need to travel and cannot leave your passport in the Embassy for the processing time you can get it back immediately after filing the application in person. After the visa has been approved you need to resubmit the passport for the issue of the visa for usually 1 day.
24Do I need to submit a printed application form or can I complete the application form by hand?
Both are accepted, as long as it is completely filled in and duly signed in English or Italian only.
25 I booked a tour and will travel to several Schengen countries and will spend an equal amount of days in each Schengen country, where do I apply?
In that case you apply at the Embassy of the country of your first entry into the Schengen zone.
26Where is the Embassy located?
You will find a map and the address on the homepage of the Embassy of Italy in Manama
27 I am a student / housewife and have no personal income. What document can I bring to prove financial means?
Please ask the person who is providing financial support for you to fill out the financial support letter (found on our website the forms section) stating all expenses will be taken care of by him/her, with the signature, the passport copy and bank statement (Foreign nationals also have to provide copy of their residence permit).
28Can I send a messenger to collect my visa?
Yes, you can send a messenger to collect your passport. Please make sure the messenger carries the: 1- Original receipt; 2- The messengers original CPR; 3- A photocopy of the messengers CPR for each visa he is going to collect. Please Note: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, the Embassy cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies contained herein.
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